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Inspired by the Cultivate Project, I share my thoughts and encouragement to begin a creative day to accompany a new piece of artwork every month.

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Why is practicing stillness so difficult? How is it done and what are the benefits? I explore these questions and share how stillness used to work for me (hint – it wasn’t good) and how it works for me now (I found a way!).

This is a part of The Cultivate Project. A once a month project where I explore mindsets we can cultivate and nurture to bring more care to ourselves and others.

Currently I have for a short time the Stillness Collection available as an art print or notebooks. But they are only available until December 14, 2021. After that I’ll move on to the next month’s cultivation project.

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The Cultivate Project

Self Care

Self care is super important, now as it ever was. If we aren’t caring for ourselves then it seeps out to other people and if we are trying to care for others, it becomes a burden and difficult. This is a look at self care.

The Cultivate Project


The cultivate project is an exploration of mindsets that we can engage in in order to further our own self care. I wanted to explore these things even after I’ve practiced them.

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Scavenger of Human Sorrow

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Hi, I'm Kathleen Scott

I’m an illustration artist and printmaker that holds a special place in her heart for all creatives, art, coffee, and running. Yes, I actually like to run. I was on the state championship cross country team in high school and ran for Wake Forest University. I still run, though not competitively. I do it for the love. Just like I draw for the love of art. And of course those things drive my love for coffee. Lots of coffee