15 Photos and Loves of 2015

I thought I’d share 15 things I loved in 2015. Each one of these affected me in ways I probably can’t explain, but I’ll try here. At the end I also included my favorite 15 photos of the year.

1. Periscope – because suddenly people’s voices are real and more authentic than blogs, youtube, instagram or any other platform. I’ve done one and hope to get on there more often in 2016.

2. Gratitude journaling and my 365 – for me, these went hand in hand, and even though I still take photos of things I love and am grateful for everyday, I am also writing them down. It really works when you need an attitude adjustment on the days where nothing seems right.

3. Kris Windley (aka – Writing with a K) – because of her I write daily now and have no apprehensions about it. No matter if my voice is heard or not.

4. Star Wars. I felt like a kid again and an adult all in one.

5. Running Routine. I really put this as a priority this fall and found more energy, time to do it, and so many great ideas happen when I run.

6. Morning Makeover with Crystal Paine – because she motivated me to set down nightly and morning habits that make me feel less weeded, happier, and not so overwhelmed. Right now, it’s only $9 until January 8!

7. Bullet Journal – because everything I need is in a small book and organized exactly how I need – nothing extraneous or forced.

8. Simple Green Smoothies – They have a challenge going on right now for January and the recipes are really good – and there are so many and directed towards seasonal foods.

9. Marius Vieth. Not only for his ability to harness light and color in street photography that is gorgeous, but also his thoughts on capturing great photos with your heart.

10. Skillshare – I love how I can do the classes at my own speed, rewind it if I need or go back at anytime.

11. My camellias in my backyard – because each one blooms at a different time of the year making sure there is a gorgeous flower in my yard year round – even in the drabs of January and February. Right now as 2 of them are ending their blooms, I have another just starting up!

Spring has sprung-1

12. Clickin Moms with  #CMGlimpse and The Albums Co with #instaprompt on Instagram – both are inspiring, thoughtful, and the communities they’ve built are open and good-hearted.


13. The morning light in my kitchen. It’s so pretty, I have to stop and just take a moment.

July 2015 Week 2-3-67

14. Kari Patterson. Her quiet daily thoughts link the realness of motherhood and spirituality that stews in my soul everyday. I think I read each post at least 2 or 3 times.

15. A renewal of my faith. My husband is teaching me to have more faith. God is teaching me as well. And overall, I’m learning to talk about it.

My favorite 15 photos of 2015


2015-05-26 16.34.36-2





Week 1 July 2015-69




Beach Week 2 June-92

Beach Week 2 June-90

November Week 3-7


Beach Week 2 June-56

Foggy MorningNovember 2015-1

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart here — it’s beautiful! Your photos, all of it. What an honor to be a little part of it. Thanks.

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