2016 Photo Calendar (Free!!)

I walked past our refrigerator and realized there was one lone photo calendar hanging for 2015 on the magnetic clipboard. It was sad to see. I suddenly realized we removed the others as we moved through the months and 2015 ended so quickly. But instead of wallowing in sadness, I decided to take it to a happier level. I created some new calendars and thought I would put them here for you to download as well (of course with the ability to put your own photos in)!

Photo Calendar 2016 They are super simple to add your own photos if you have Photoshop! Just place your image in the spot where it tells you in the layers panel, flatten the image and export as a jpg! There is a quick video tutorial below on how to do it.

And if you don’t have Photoshop, I’ve included a PDF for you to download and print off – check it out below!

If you know my Instagram, then you know I love my rectangles and now and then I’ll post a square format. So, I created the rectangle format for those of us who love it and a square format for those who love squares!

Photo Calendar 2016 Square 5x7

Print them from your own printer at home or send it to a professional printer! There are four to choose from: 8×10 in either rectangle or square format or 5×7 in rectangle or square format.

Our 2015 version was on a mini-clipboard that we purchased from Artifact Uprising because I love their gorgeous prints. I think I might find a cute full size clipboard for my office though so I can see my favorite images from this year in a couple of places throughout my home.

If you don’t have Photoshop, these are the pdf versions you can print out.
Photo Calendar 5×7 | Photo Calendar 8×10 | Photo Calendar Square 5×7 | Photo Calendar Square 8×10

And, here’s the Photoshop versions:

[dg ids=”4236,4227,4219,4209″]

And a quick 2 1/2 minute video tutorial on how to put your own photos in!

Oh! And by the way! You can cut off the calendar when you are done with it and frame those photos or display them however you like when the month is over!