Auto Mode – Week 1

This week our p52 theme over at Clickin’ Moms was to put our cameras in Auto mode. A freeing feeling after shooting in manual mode for over a year! I had no dang-its or redos because my settings were off! All I had to worry about was composition and my overall vision.


It is an exercise anyone shooting in manual should try fairly often.  More of your brain can be used thinking about composition and not worrying about settings and if the light is right.  Certainly a way to increase your photographer’s eye for composition.

We did have many giggles over the pop-up flash rearing it’s head in many of the submissions this week though! 

It made me think about how many threads I’ve seen in the Clickin’ Moms forums that someone declares they are getting worse the more they know.  I think that is true, but it also means you are actually learning.  It definitely happens when you move out of auto mode and into manual or even aperture or shutter priority modes.  You are suddenly faced with many more decisions you have to make before taking a shot.  One of the decisions may be off and you feel like your photo looks horrible, or not the vision you were anticipating. 

I’ve been there so many times that when I did put it in Auto, I didn’t have to take another shot and it felt more relaxed for a moment.  Of course, I didn’t execute my full vision but at  least I got the composition how I wanted. 

Go ahead and try it – if you’ve been in manual.  It really is fun and can bring back a little love if you seem to be losing it.

If you are still in auto, are using your phone, or a point and shoot, I encourage you to pay attention to your composition more than anything.  Yes, learn manual but before you do practice your composition techniques.  Learn one thing at a time and you may not feel so overwhelmed when you do start in manual.