Day 15 – Mornings

The best piece of advice I gave high schoolers was to get out and run in the morning (of course this was on non-school days). If you get out and run in the morning, then you have the rest of the day to do whatever it is you want without the thought of a run hanging over your head or even your stomach. 

Nothing feels better than to know that you accomplished a run today and your body and mind feels better for it the rest of the day. 

A view from one of my early morning runs. Another benefit is quiet peaceful scenery.

There are two ways to go about morning runs.  First you can get up at the crack of dawn to sneak it in before the day truly starts.  This is hard, but there is a big benefit.  If you get in this habit you end up automatically putting on those clothes and shoes and going out the door before your mind has a chance to wake up and stop you.  It will take many days to pulls yourself out of those comfy covers and get into that habit, but once it is a habit it becomes routine like getting up and brushing your teeth.

Now, I tried this method for about a couple months with my husband before we had kids, and it just didn’t work for me.  I am not a good morning runner.  My body feels sluggish, and I never felt like I got in a good run.  Some people thrive off of an early morning run, like my husband, but I don’t. 

If you are like me, get up earlier anyway, like you would go for a run.  Instead take 30 minutes to fully wake up your body, then go for a run.  Maybe have a cup of coffee or tea (and don’t forget a glass of water!) then get out there.  It totally works for me.  I actually wake up earlier (5:30) and get some things done in the morning that I know I would normally do during the time I plan to run.  Then I take my daughter to school and go for a run right after dropping her off.  It is a schedule that works for me.

Create a schedule that fits you but include a morning run.  Trust me, it is much easier to talk yourself out of an afternoon, early evening run than a morning run!
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