Day 19 – Something Obvious

Don’t Forget To Run!

You have busy days and you have very busy weeks. If you don’t think so, look back on the week and ask yourself, “Did I forget to run?”  

It can be very easy to forget or put off running just because your days are packed or your schedule is off.  Don’t let it happen!  

Run in the morning as soon as you wake up, and if you have plans that require you to get out of the door early, then set an alarm reminding your to run at some point in the day that you can squeeze it in.  I know and have heard many people say they set alarms throughout the day to remind them to do things – make running one of those.  Place it in your schedule – literally write it in, then do it.  Make it a priority on your schedule like you would an appointment or meeting and you’ll find you have more motivation to do it.

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