Day 20 – A Coach’s Thoughts

Winners Say:  It may be difficult, but it is possible
Losers Say:  It may be possible, but it is too difficult
Winners See the Gain
Losers See the Pain (especially true! – what do you think about right before you run, or within the first mile?)
Winners See the Possibilities
Losers See the Problems
Winners Make It Happen

Make it happen! Lace up those shoes and get going! Make your success happen.

Day 1:  Introduction
Day 2:  Start Small, Build Slow
Day 3:  It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring
Day 4:  Stitches
Day 5:  Keep a Diary
Day 6:  Dangerous Thoughts
Day 7:  Week 1 Done – Some Suggestions
Day 8:  Treadmill Training – Baby it’s cold (or raining) outside
Day 9:  A Motivational Quote for You
Day 10:  Distractions
Day 11:  Partner Up!
Day 12:  Another Motivational Quote to Ponder
Day 13:  A Word on Dehydration and Motivation
Day 14:  Week 2 Flew!  Check in
Day 15:  Mornings
Day 16:  Visual Motivators
Day 17:  Knees
Day 18:  Another Motivational Quote
Day 19:  Don’t Forget
Day 20:  The Coach
Day 21:  Week 3 – Almost There!

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