Day 24 – Control

When it comes to running and motivating yourself to get out there and do it, there are a lot of things you can control like actually putting on running shoes or stretching to prevent injury.  Yet, there are a lot of things you can’t control like the weather or your running buddy bowing out of a run. 


Don’t try to control those things that you can’t.  You are wasting energy and in the end those things will control you.  Oh? Your running buddy isn’t going to make it, don’t make it the reason you go out there.  You can’t control their decision so let it go (cue the Frozen soundtrack if you must) and control what you can – your own ability to show up.  Don’t let their absence demotivate you from getting out there.  Find another motivator.  Look at that quote on your bathroom mirror.  Remember how good it feels after you finish a run.  Control what you can to keep going. 

In high school I will never forget my sophomore year cross country state championship race – yes a big one.  We were supposed to win.  We trained, we ate right, we did visualization techniques, we did everything that was under our control.  We even trained in cold weather, ice, and blowing winds in the mountains for a couple of weeks prior to the championship.  We won the regional meet.

We showed up to the state championship two hours away in Charlotte where temperatures were suddenly hot again.  On the start line parents were making sure we had enough water and were drizzling us with cold water because we were not used to that kind of heat.  Even in the beginning of our season in August it didn’t get that hot for us. 

It was a factor we could not control, but we let it get to us.  Because we couldn’t control the weather we let everything else we could control go and fretted over the one thing we couldn’t change.  We lost. 

The weather is awful?  Don’t let it stop you.  You can’t control the weather but you can control where you run, how you run, when you run, or what you wear.

Have confidence in what you do and have done.  You can go out there in the cold weather and run.  Yes, it may be super cold but bundle up.  Control what you can and ignore the things you can’t or you may find yourself unmotivated and stuck.

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