Day 28 – Week 4 – This Is It!

This is it!  One more week to making a habit of running regularly.  By the end of the week you should miss it if you don’t go for a run for a couple of days.  Your legs and body should start feeling better and your lungs more used to the work you are putting them through. 

I hope you’ve found this series motivating and ready to run! 

For this week:

Beginning runners:  3 miles 2 days, 2 miles 3 days, 1 mile 1 day

Experienced runners:  1 long run (longest yet), 1 longer tempo run, 3 medium runs, 1 short run, 1 day off.

Day 1:  Introduction – You are here :)
Day 2:  Start Small, Build Slow
Day 3:  It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring
Day 4:  Stitches
Day 5:  Keep a Diary
Day 6:  Dangerous Thoughts
Day 7:  Week 1 Done – Some Suggestions
Day 8:  Treadmill Training – Baby it’s cold (or raining) outside
Day 9:  A Motivational Quote for You
Day 10:  Distractions
Day 11:  Partner Up!
Day 12:  Another Motivational Quote to Ponder
Day 13:  A Word on Dehydration and Motivation
Day 14:  Week 2 Flew!  Check in
Day 15:  Mornings
Day 16:  Visual Motivators
Day 17:  Knees
Day 18:  Another Motivational Quote
Day 19:  Don’t Forget
Day 20:  The Coach
Day 21:  Week 3 – Almost There!
Day 22:  Give Yourself a Break
Day 23:  Lower Legs and Feet
Day 24:  Control
Day 25:  Another Motivational Quote
Day 26:  Keeping a Log?
Day 27:  Test Yourself
Day 28:  Week 4 – This is it!
Day 29:  Goal Time

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