Day 30 – Chart It Out

If you are keeping a log but it isn’t doing too much for you in the motivation department, then consider a chart. 

I am a visual person and like to see things laid out for me.  So if I want to see progress in my running or increases in mileage it is tough to look at a page of words and numbers and be motivated by it all.  Instead I like to chart it so I have an instant visual representation of what I’m doing.  So if I see I am 10 miles behind last months mileage I immediately get in gear and see if I can beat it. 

Basically I keep a bar graph of each week’s and month’s mileage.  I also use colors to include intensity.  So, each day I fill in a little bar for each mile run with the color corresponding to the intensity I ran it in.  Intensity matters because if you push yourself to do 8 minute miles for only 2 or 3 miles but the next day you run 3 miles at 9 minute miles you will feel the difference. 

I also include warm ups and cool downs if I am doing a tempo or fartlek run.

So if you find a written log or diary isn’t motivating you enough try to chart it!

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