All In the Details

This past week’s theme for our p52 over at Clickin’ Moms was details.  Those little things that most people overlook.  I felt like I had a lot going on this past week and I was gearing up to start a 365 project (on my own!) so I am rather sad I didn’t put as much thought into this week.

All in the Details-small

I’ve come so far in my photography that now I notice when I don’t put as much thought into my photos, and it does make me sad.  I am ready though for this next week! That is a special gift some people have both visually and with life.  For the rest of us it takes practice, and it is something I need to practice.  These are the kinds of weeks that really push me in our p52 group and one of the reasons I love it.  Still, I adore the details in this table.

Details are hard because you really have to ‘see’ the things others overlook. We’ll see how it goes.