Photographer’s Choice

This past week our p52 theme over at Clickin’ Moms was that seemingly easy but not so photographer’s choice that we get every now and then.

I chose this abstract photo because if you remember from my previous week’s post on taking photos in auto mode, I found it freeing, allowing me to focus on other things like composition.  I didn’t take this in auto mode but it is related.

Photographers choice-week 45-small

The suggestion to turn on auto mode was in one of the creativity exercises recently posted in the Clickin’ Moms forums. Auto mode was to free up the creativity of the photographer by releasing some of the stress inducers when we start shooting. That is settings.

Another suggestion was to put the focus in manual and create an unfocused photograph to release the stress of always having to create tact sharp images. Instead the purpose was to focus (no pun meant) on other parts allowing us to be more creative with those parts.  I focused on the light.

I whipped my manual focus on for this one because I loved the color and light that I was seeing down the path. I did a squint test (I love those now) to see what I might get, then I put the camera up and shot. I also decided to move my hands slightly at a low shutter speed to see what other effect I could get.

That was it!  Simple!  I had a couple and I loved this one.