The Notebook: April & May

I didn’t get to post April’s Notebook.  And May almost slipped through my hands just as April did.  Both were months where I felt like a lot was happening there isn’t much result.  I’m not sure what that is about.  

I am linking this month with Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into.


In April I took on two real estate photography projects and one bridal portrait project.  I loved them all and they are convincing me to go into business.  I just need to take a breath and plunge.  Unfortunately I can’t really share the bridal portraits because she isn’t getting married until July. She and I are both in love with the results though.

I went on a photo walk in Charlotte with some other ladies from Clickin’ Moms.  It was so nice to be out and shooting with others!  After a little while I got into a zone and got some shots that I love.  I submitted a couple to their competition and won 2nd place runner up!  Here’s the post and here is my winning photo! You can see the rest of my favorites from that day here.

Looking down Tryon from Trade, Charlotte NC

Taryn was in preschool this past year, so I was able to go running fairly often with only 1 child.  I forgot how much energy I received from running and these past two weeks I haven’t run and found my energy levels lower.  I realized though that I have two kids who love biking and even though I can’t get in a run that is as long as I want or as fast, I can at least get in some kind of a run.  We head to a nearby greenway and the girls ride while I run alongside.  It is a nice little fix for now – until school starts in August!

On the Web

This article, from the Art of Simple, on giving our kids more freedom.  Knowing your neighbors, teaching them, and keeping a level rational mind are key I believe in letting our kids go a little.

Daniel Tiger is a favorite in our house and this article from Geek Mom hits it on the head as to why.  Emotional responses taught through songs that you just can’t get out of your head.

Just a little reminder that we all experience envy and how you can combat the envy in your life from Lies Young Women Believe.

Another post from Lies Young Women Believe that still has me thinking after reading it over a week ago. I think a lot more can be discussed from this and want to keep thinking about it.

And because I am an alum and find Colbert funny and poignant – his commencement speech at Wake Forest this year.  ‘It’s time to say goodbye to the person you have become’, ‘you will need a highly calibrated bs-detector’, and ‘having your own standards’ are his words of wisdom among many.  The first half is a roast of WFU and the second his advice and insight.


Dear Mr. Knightley – Katherine Reay – I read Lizzy and Jane, also by Reay, and liked this one much better.  Lizzy and Jane seemed more obvious and less intriguing.  Dear Mr. Knightly was interesting and thoughtful, starting with the format of letters.  

Winter of the World: Book Two of the Century Trilogy
The second book of his series that I’ve really enjoyed covers WWII. It can be graphic, and I found myself skimming through some of those parts.  

The Winter People – Jennifer McMahon – If you like a little bit of the supernatural and mystery, this definitely delivers.  It reminded me in some ways of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones.  

The Book of Life – Deborah Harkness – I finally got to read the third installment of this series which I did really enjoy, but this book I felt like left a lot hanging. 

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision
Within the Frame:  The Journey of Photographic Vision – David DuChemin – Wonderfully motivational book with insight into getting the images you want.


6 months after taking the Communicating with Color and Light workshop over at Clickin’ Moms, it is sinking in.  I’ve stayed away from actions and presets these months working only on defining a style for myself.  I’ve found that I am coming into that style – a somewhat film-like style. Or as another photographer described in her critique of my photos – it is “clean and simple, but with rich tones and a slight matte”. Exactly what I want!

I am so excited about this that I am now afraid to go back to presets and actions.  I’ve started making my own and may provide them here – I only need to tweak and make them better.  But, as I learned in class, they are a great starting point and not to be used without tweaking.

I plan on this week also releasing a tutorial on how to add light and warmth to a photo that seems underexposed and almost not worth keeping.  I am basing it on the photos I took on sheet changing day.  I also plan on doing a tutorial later this month on how I create my film-like style in Lightroom and ACR.

So here is a taste of my favorite photos from the past 2 months!

April Showers - small