The Notebook: January 2016

It got really cold here. Like plug up all the possible leaks in the house cold. And we received two snow days in January! It’s exciting stuff for us here in the south. I think there isn’t as much this month to include because I’ve focused on myself, my family, my faith, reading, writing, and photography more than ever. But I do have a fantastic list of things I’ve read around the web this month!


I decided this year on two personal projects and one growth project to take on. The first one I’m working on is a day in the life capture once a month to work on my storytelling skills. You can see all the benefits I believe a project like this has and my first go at it!

Day in the Life Portfolio

Other than that we are chugging away in our lives (smile).


I made a free course on getting out of auto and into manual mode on your dslr. I’ve rolled it out to my email subscribers to try at first and hope to open it up this month! I’m also working on a different kind of course that’ll I’ll explain more about in the spring!

I’ve really been itching to make some sour dough bread and may get to that sometime this next month too.


I’m in the middle of several books right now and am especially taking forever to get through Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things: A Novel. It’s a long one but also allegorical, so I’ll stop reread and highlight and think.

On the Web

These are too fun to pass up and since we finally showed our girls the first Harry Potter this month, I couldn’t pass up these quote printables from How To Nest For Less.


Because there seems to be a lot floating around the web these days about living in the  moment and this one from Wonderforest was succinctly put.

And if you need any help on how to live in the moment and make time to break up with busy – Tsh at The Art of Simple has a wonderful article. ‘Cause, yes, I need to break up with busy.

My Favorite Photos


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