The Notebook: September 2015 Edition

Kindergarten is crazy! Why is there no warning that tons of activities await for the first year of school? I’m already worn out and we are only a month and a half in. Anyways I have lots of stuff in the works and can’t wait to really get started. This month I’ve also lined up some fantastic posts to inspire and teach, like next week’s continuation of my phone photography series – all on the processing apps I use on my phone (free ones you guys!). Until then catch me on Instagram and check out what I’ve been in to and up to through September!



So much! I’m getting the hang of Illustrator finally and joined Skillshare to take Bonnie Christine’s class on surface design which is much more fun than listening to a lot of other tutorials about the basics of illustrator. She includes the basics but also has lots of tidbits about finding inspiration, gathering it together, sketching, color palettes, and so much more.

Creating albums – There are so many alternatives and I’m trying to figure the creation process I like best and the best source to print. For printing purposes I really like the idea of an album and not individual prints. Although for some of my favorite photos I do order prints. Besides the professional print service I use, I love Social Print Studios and Artifact Uprising because both have incredible quality and fun ways to print.


For my Instagram photos I can’t wait to order from The Albums Co. I’ve been a fan of their service because it is clean, private and family oriented. Now they also automatically pull in my Instagram photos into an online album with the option to print into an album, and I’m almost ready for it! I also love them because their #instaprompt challenge everyday is so meaningful and helps me slow down to recognize those things during the day that have meaning for me. And I love reading everyone’s captions on their photos – utterly inspirational, especially Thankful Thursdays. You can find them and follow them here!

Creative marketing – As I mentioned in this post – April Bowles-Olin, who is absolutely adorable, is holding a month-long creative marketing class on Creative Live. I am beginning to push into a portrait photography business so I’m soaking it up. You can also find her over at Blacksburg Belle.


School, soccer, swim and everything else that comes with having kids that are growing up.


We did have our last pool day over Labor Day weekend!

Last Pool Day


I harvested all of my basil this month so I made the last of my pesto and froze it for later.

FullSizeRender (2)


Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Businessby Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho. I’ve set a schedule for myself to read 1 business book a month in addition to 1 photography/creative book per month to get myself in gear. This was a nice quick overview of all the things you need to consider when going into business for yourself. A lot to think about and do.

The Vision Driven Photographer by David DuChemin – Something I am working on now. I’m trying to settle my style and by doing that really thinking about what my vision is. Why I shoot and what purpose I want people to see in my photographs. It’s hard, but the more I practice thinking about what I am shooting before I do, the easier it’s getting. His book is motivational but also has a great discussion on vision and why we need it to create great photos but he also makes the concession that it is something hard to talk about and do. He includes some creative exercises to move closer to a personal vision. I’d say any creative would benefit from this book.

Vision Map: Charting a Step-by-Step Course for Your Biggest Hopes and Dreamsby Joel Malm – So I actually finished it this month but started it back in August. I was reading it slowly because I wanted to let each chapter soak in. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an idea and wants to fulfill it.

On the Web

I have a lot to share this month that spoke to me and I hope you find the same from one or two of these great articles from the web.

This article from the Wonderforest on discipline came at a good point for me because I’ve set my priorities for my life right now and anytime I try to decide if I should do something it comes down to whether it fits within my priorities. Couple that with the small disciplines I’ve made in my life, which this article talks about, that do fall in line with my priorities and I feel like I am more on top of things. A good quick read.

Because we can’t do nothing by The Art of Simple (Tsh Oxenreider) on how we can really help with the refugee crisis.

Hair care for moms with little girls – yes, we have tears when we brush hair around here. Not fun.

In the 5th grade faith formation class I teach we covered the story of the storm Jesus and the disciples were caught in on the Sea of Galilee and the day before going in to teach, I saw this article from Kari Patterson on the story and thought it was a beautiful way to read the story. I had to share it with my class but in 5th grade speak.

To anyone who feels a slight inner creative soul inside you – even if you don’t use it or believe you have the time, read this by Marius Vieth. And this goes for everyone because we all have an inner child artist who wants to express themselves. Trust me, you need it.

And I love this fall photo checklist from Simple As That! Great ideas for anyone!

If you need some pretty wallpaper for your computer screen, click here. Bonnie Christine has the prettiest fall screen wallpaper up today.

My Favorite Photos

I’m including a couple from July because I just finished those and am still behind. Otherwise the rest are phone photos! Enjoy!

July 2015 Week 2-3-67

Yellow Winter Coat

Soap Box

Blown Away

Rock Collection 2

July 2015 Week 4-23

July 2015 Week 4-27

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