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Another little collection of articles and sites that are worth seeing this week. If you have kids or just love kids you are going to love most of these!  Also after Homelamb  (not a typo – definitely check that one!) are my #cmglimpse challenge photos for the week.


17th Century Fraud Leads To Orange Cheese Expectations

This story from NPR still associates with kids, since Kraft recently was outed for its dangerous dyes in their macaroni and cheese and finally are rectifying it by removing two of the dyes and replacing them with natural dyes.  Still, they feel the need to dye the cheese – and you’ll find out how dyeing cheese came about in this really interesting story.  From now on, I’ll take mine dye free – natural or not.



Fairytale Baby

For a little cuteness and some awe inspiring ideas, Creative Boom featured a mom photographer who patiently set fairytale scenes and her sleeping child up for some very creative photographs. You just have to look through the photos, they are way too cute to miss!





Gift Ideas for Kids

Artchoo features 7 different art kits for kids and adds that they are a great way for kids to self-start creating.  Pretty good gift guide for the holiday season coming up!









Teaching Kids Gratitude Instead of Entitlement

From one of my favorite sites, Modern Parents Messy Kids, comes a great idea for getting kids to do chores that doesn’t use bribes, rewards, or ultimatums.  The focus is on getting kids to do their chores while also instilling a sense of gratitude instead of an attitude of entitlement. The read is informative and thoughtful, but if you are short on time and want to know the game then scroll to the bottom third of the post. I am totally going to start using this game, and a few more of their suggestions!








We rarely watch Sesame Street in my house because I do like to keep the TV down to a minimum and my girls like Super Why and Daniel Tiger better.  I almost wish they liked Sesame Street more because it often has some great parodies, like Downton Abbey’s Upside Abbey.  As an adult I have to giggle when we do watch. So, here is their version of Homeland.

Instagram Challenge Photos

Monday – Relax – I was so relaxed, I forgot :)

Tuesday – Sparkle



Wednesday – artificial light



Thursday – purple


Friday – laughter – missed it too :(

Saturday – crunchy



Sunday – leather – missed it 


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