2017 Photo Calendars

It’s that time again. I love these photo calendars. They make great gifts. They’re simple to create. And after the month is over, cut off the calendar portion and you have a photo print! 5×7 Version [purchase_link id=”5292″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]   8×10 Version [purchase_link id=”5284″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]   In each download, I include […]

Strategies for Battling a Creative Rut: Free Guide

I’m recently pulling out of a creative rut. Or so they call it. Actually it was more like a hair pulling, I’m never gonna snap my shutter again, I’m horrible at everything, and hate anything that I create, rut. Ever been there? You know how you drag yourself through, hoping, wishing, praying the excitement and […]

10 Lightroom Tools to Make Your Workflow Speedy Fast Like Flash

I started using Lightroom and my workflow sped up. Then I made shortcuts a habit which sped it up even more (there’s a free cheatsheet if you click over). Now, I’m talking about the Lightroom tools I use that make my workflow that much more speedy. All these habits put together cut down my time […]

How I Sped Up My Lightroom Workflow

I had one of those editing sessions yesterday. You might know what I’m talking about – those that take an hour or more to only get through a handful of photos. Last night, it was my own fault – I was trying out new techniques and trying to integrate them with what I already do. […]

5 Must-Know Tips For Phone Photos You’ll Love to Share

I love looking at my feed on Instagram. Seriously love it because I follow a lot of amazing people who have gorgeous photos and feeds. Yet, when it comes to posting I’m always hesitant. Hesitant because I’m unsure of my art, my own photos, and if each photo meshes with my style so my feed […]