Day 7 – Week One, Done!

I hope you all had a good start to your running week!  I don’t have much today except possible goals for this week and a quote! Our coach in college had t-shirts printed with this one and had a sign in our locker room with it as well.   Every morning in Africa a gazelle …

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Day 6 – Dangerous Thoughts

Motivating yourself to get out and run is sometimes the toughest chore – worse than the actual run.  This means you have to find ways to motivate yourself and overcome those doubts or excuses not to run.  By doubts I mean that nagging thought you will never be as good as someone else, or never …

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Day 4 – Stitches

I hate it when I go out for a run and not 2 or 3 minutes in, I feel a side stitch coming on – ugggh.  It makes me tense up more knowing my run is probably going to go terribly and it will hurt.  Certainly an obstacle that keeps me from either completing a …

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