5 Tips for Capturing A Day in the Life: December

As I entered my last day in the life series for 2016, I started thinking how my shooting changed through the year. It’s such a great creative exercise that I encourage anyone to try it, even if only once. And I wanted to leave you with a few tips too. You don’t have to shoot […]

Day in the Life: November

The photos in this post are all a part of my day in the life series I’m completing this year. It is a personal project I started in January. I take storytelling images of one day each month. I started the project to work on my storytelling skills and I’ve learned so much more. At […]

Create Photographs Like a Writer Creates Stories

Every morning, after I drop off my daughter at preschool, I walk over to the middle school and enter the big heavy doors. I’m usually in a hurry because school already started and the students are about to change classes. I’d rather not get caught up in their book bags, hand shakes, and their rush […]

Capturing a Day in the Life: Using Vision

You can shoot a day in the life without a vision, but you may find the stories aren’t there or are hard to decipher. There were some photos this month I’d like to use for my day in the life, but I found I forgot my vision. Those photos fell flat for me. I’m unsure […]

Storytelling with A Day in the Life: July

Photographs are powerful storytellers. There are great photos that are pretty or interesting, but often the photo that tells a story tugs at most of us. The ones that make you laugh, feel happy or sad, or the ones that make you sit there and think. You might know the ones where you find you’ve […]