Why Stifled Creative Ruts Are Worth Fulfilling Growth

I’ve written a lot lately about creative ruts but I can’t help it. I went through a pretty big one last summer and came out with a more definitive style and more confidence. Creative ruts at a minimum are stifling but some can be disastrous. For most they’re drudgery and we may not even recognize […]

Fear and Creativity

You don’t need fear in your life. Everyone knows that. Especially if you are a creative. But are you even aware you have fears? You may not think so.   Fear is often the underlying trigger to other problematic traits for creatives. For me, one of those is people pleasing. A trait I didn’t realize […]

The Power of Naivete and How Keeping Up Can Drag You Down

  I have a story. A story that does relate to photography and any other creative field. But for this story, I have to take you back to my track coaching days.    Every year, it never failed, I was blessed with one or two super good freshman female runners where I coached. They came […]

That 1 Click Fix . . . 7 Things You Need to Know

I’ve seen it, so you’ve probably seen it. Get this preset or action and with one click, get gorgeous photos! Maybe it’s not advertised so drastically but it’s what pops into my mind. Maybe because I thought when I purchased presets and actions that is what they would do. Maybe I’m just naive. I would […]

So You Had Your Work Critiqued. Now What?

You had your work critiqued. The apprehension, the nervousness, the wondering is over. You may have hated it (or if you’ve never received serious feedback on your work you may dread it) but you did it. Congratulations! Now you have in your hands a tool for improvement. Critiques and reviews are the best tools for […]

When Feedback Is So Hard

We all struggle at times with our creativity, among so many other struggles in life. Our struggles vary and we handle them in different ways. Creatively, for me right now, my biggest struggle is getting feedback through a portfolio review and image critiques. After a couple of months where I hated my own photography and […]

Create Photographs Like a Writer Creates Stories

Every morning, after I drop off my daughter at preschool, I walk over to the middle school and enter the big heavy doors. I’m usually in a hurry because school already started and the students are about to change classes. I’d rather not get caught up in their book bags, hand shakes, and their rush […]

Strategies for Battling a Creative Rut: Free Guide

I’m recently pulling out of a creative rut. Or so they call it. Actually it was more like a hair pulling, I’m never gonna snap my shutter again, I’m horrible at everything, and hate anything that I create, rut. Ever been there? You know how you drag yourself through, hoping, wishing, praying the excitement and […]