In my yard each year I plant bulbs and seeds. I wait and nurture those seeds with faith and hope that they will blossom into beautiful beings. To me this is expectancy, my word of the year. Expectancy means I will step out, plant seeds and nurture them even though I may not know exactly […]

The Notebook: I’m Here

It’s been a little while since I really posted – like really posted.  I worked on other things and had a lot happen. But the result is a brand new website, new offerings in the works, and a total transition! So I am here. Working behind the scenes and of course capturing images. I do […]

7 Principles for Successful Creatives and Athletes

One gorgeous night this past summer I was at an intimate wedding where I got to know a Grammy-nominated musician. We talked a lot about the arts and running, which we both love. We also talked about my daughter who loves music, loves to sing on her own and loves the idea of musical instruments. […]