Day 11 – Partner Up!

Partner up! 

A sure thing to getting you out the door and running when you really don’t feel like it is to find someone or a group to run with

There are many benefits to running with someone.

First, you feel obligated to show up.  Just don’t talk each other out of it by calling and asking if they are sure they want to meet. 



Use each other as friendly competition.  Encourage each other to go further and faster.

What is best about running with someone is they can take your mind off of actually running and you will be done before you realize! Especially if you keep talking.

Even when we weren’t in season during the summer months, while I was coaching I offered 3 – 4 get togethers a week where I was guaranteed to be there, and usually at least 15 other runners would show up.  I found this trick worked so well to keep them running in the off season (2 whole months) that I started Saturday runs as well.

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