Day 21 – Week 3 and We Are Almost There!

How’d you do this past week?  I’m running!  In fact I’m getting faster and able to go further, how about you?  The weather has been awesome here which helps.  Here are some suggestions for this week.  

Beginning Runners:  2.5 miles 2 days, 1 mile 3 days, 2-3 days off non consecutive

Experienced Runners:  1 long run (same as week prior), 1 tempo run, 2 medium runs, 1 short run, 2 days off.

Day 1:  Introduction
Day 2:  Start Small, Build Slow
Day 3:  It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring
Day 4:  Stitches
Day 5:  Keep a Diary
Day 6:  Dangerous Thoughts
Day 7:  Week 1 Done – Some Suggestions
Day 8:  Treadmill Training – Baby it’s cold (or raining) outside
Day 9:  A Motivational Quote for You
Day 10:  Distractions
Day 11:  Partner Up!
Day 12:  Another Motivational Quote to Ponder
Day 13:  A Word on Dehydration and Motivation
Day 14:  Week 2 Flew!  Check in
Day 15:  Mornings
Day 16:  Visual Motivators
Day 17:  Knees
Day 18:  Another Motivational Quote
Day 19:  Don’t Forget
Day 20:  The Coach
Day 21:  Week 3 – Almost There!
Day 22:  Give Yourself a Break

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