Day 22 – Break Time!

So, I really hope you are running regularly or at least feeling motivated to get out there! 

If you have been increasing your mileage the past three weeks, reduce your mileage this week.  Give yourself a break!  

It is proven that taking recovery weeks will benefit you in the long run, just like taking recovery days benefits you in the short run.  If you haven’t been building your mileage or its been about the same every week, try to increase it this week, push yourself!  Set a goal for a little bit more than what you’ve done.

Taking a break means running easier or shorter or both.  The point is give your body time to recover through the week.  You will feel much more energized next week when you run and your body will feel so much better!  I usually had my athletes back off by about 25%-30% but do what feels good for you.  If you’ve really been pushing to your limits, scale back more than that. 

Your mind will also thank you.  Your body will feel so much better you can trick your mind into thinking it feels really good to run, making you more motivated to get out there.  Try it, give yourself a break for the full week by running slower or shorter, but don’t take the week off – keep going!

Ryan Hall attributed part of his success to giving himself a rest every seventh day and every 7 weeks according to the bible. Just something to think about.

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