Day 27 – Test Yourself

Want the proof that all the running you’ve been doing is worth it? 

Would it be more motivating to see progress directly? 

There are a number of measures you can use to test yourself – distance and time are the most obvious.

At the beginning of any season I always gave time trials so my runners could really see improvement from Day 1 through the last weekend of race season. Many of them thought I was just trying to make it so hard they quit, but I wanted to be able to point out to them 4 weeks into training when it got really hard and motivation was lost that they were improving.  I usually got big smiles and suddenly more energy put into practice when I pointed out their improvement 4 weeks in.

Do the same for yourself by timing yourself in a mile time trial or longer if you feel the need.  Just remember to use the same course each time and don’t do it so often the results are muddled.  Only do it once every 3-4 weeks or so – maybe during that recovery week.

Write your times down in a chart and keep up with your progress, leaving the results right in front of you to give yourself inspiration and motivation.

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