Day 29 – Goals

This could be a big long post, but I’m not going to make it one today.  Maybe another day. 

I only wanted to point out you have to make goals.  Little ones and big ones and in between ones. 

You can make a big goal first, but what really helps is making small goals that can be achieved fairly quickly that help you achieve some medium sized goals which ultimately lead to reaching your big goal. 

1.  Make sure the smaller goals are attainable – when you reach them it will motivate you to continue and make new goals.  As you achieve the small goals it should get you closer to a medium or big goal. 

2.  Remind yourself of these goals everyday somehow. Post-its on bathroom mirrors, on refrigerators, on your dashboard or wherever you know you’ll look often.  That is the simplest method. 

3.  Goals don’t have to be distance or time they can also be a plan – like you want to begin including swimming, biking or yoga into your routine.

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