Day 31 – Incentive

I did it! 31 days (although a couple might have been only a little late) of writing about how to motivate yourself to run!  

I joined the 31 Days challenge hosted by Myquillyn Smith at the Nesting Place and found a lot of great blogs too.  So as the last day I leave you with one last thing to continue motivating yourself to get out there and run!  Although, I will probably pop in with running related stuff every now and then.


You’ve written out your small goals, your big goals, why you are running, and put up all over the place those things that motivate and inspire you to run.  Yet, what incentive have you given yourself to run?  You may see and know the benefits – this could be incentive enough, but find something that will help push yourself to keep doing it.  

For every little goal you’ve created, find an incentive to reward yourself for reaching that goal.  Your goal was to run 15 miles this week?  Awesome find something that you want to give yourself for running more than 15 miles.  Some people go with food – an athlete of mine was rewarded by her parents with the biggest best burger ever for getting her goals.  Another runner was rewarded with Bojangles (ha!).  Others go with other things like sleeping in late one morning or doing a little dance.  Ha!  

Find an incentive to help push you a little more.


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