Day 6 – Dangerous Thoughts

Motivating yourself to get out and run is sometimes the toughest chore – worse than the actual run.  This means you have to find ways to motivate yourself and overcome those doubts or excuses not to run.  By doubts I mean that nagging thought you will never be as good as someone else, or never be able to run more than a mile, or never make your goals.  Those are dangerous thoughts.

Those who are successful in any area, not just running, have one characteristic in common.  They choose to be great, the choose to reach for their goals, they choose to put those dangerous thoughts behind them – which means they choose to put in the work, discipline and time it takes to be successful. 

Yep, it doesn’t come naturally.  I’m not suggesting you have to be great at running, but you can reach your goals, which would make you successful.  Only, don’t let the successes of others, or those nagging negative thoughts get in the way of even going out for a run.

Many times, I heard athletes say another runner is unbeatable or simply amazing, and they could never be like that.  I like to turn that around and ask what can you be like?  What are your goals?  Focus on yourself and not others.


Then other athletes would tell me they could never achieve a goal they made for themselves – those negative thoughts.  I turn this too ask them to push out the negative thoughts and set smaller goals that they can achieve in a short time that help lead to those large goals. 

Think of one person you would like to switch places with so you can experience their success.  How do you think that person became amazing?  Sheer luck or natural talent?  No way!  How much would you give to be in that person’s shoes?  Well, if you are willing to give for it then do it!  Obviously I have made the point it takes hard work (and I mean tough) and a lot of discipline to become successful – however you are measuring it. 

I can tell you that it all starts in your mind with motivation and the will to accomplish your goals.  It doesn’t start with your body, it starts with your mind.  I can help you create motivation but ultimately it will come down to you really wanting it in your mind. 

And if you slip up and forget to run or let those thoughts keep you from getting out and running, go the next chance you get.  Just do it.  Grab a buddy that will help you get through those thoughts or will help push you out the door. 

The point is recognize those dangerous thoughts can stop you from running, and find a way to beat out those thoughts.

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