In my yard each year I plant bulbs and seeds. I wait and nurture those seeds with faith and hope that they will blossom into beautiful beings. To me this is expectancy, my word of the year.

Expectancy means I will step out, plant seeds and nurture them even though I may not know exactly what bloom I am nurturing. I have a vision of what those seeds will be and with my imagination as a hope and filling my faith with hard work, I plan on nurturing that vision with expectancy.

Expectancy is a nurturing word dependent on hope and faith. I didn’t choose expectation or expect because these words have connotations of obedience or reward and punishment associated with them. They are hard line words that don’t allow for bigger and better, only what we should do. Think of the saying – beyond expectation. Expectation creates limits but the word expectancy brings limitless possibilities. With expectancy I have hope and faith, as I nurture my vision with love to be an artist and illustrator, the fruit from my nurturing will be more than I could imagine.