If You Want to Improve Your Phone Photography

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One of the thoughts that creeps into my mind frequently when I use my phone to capture photos is, “Why couldn’t I capture that moment the way I wanted?” 

Captured with my phone
Captured with my phone

Quite often I use my phone because it is the camera that is always with me. But too often it is challenging. The light is too low, using zoom causes the picture to blur a bit, and plainly – the actual resulting photo doesn’t match what I had wanted.

Many of the moments caught with my phone are spur of the moment and special because they are the everyday moments I want to preserve. The look Kendall gives me when she is feisty, the sweet protectiveness Taryn has for Kendall.  The stuff that happens fleetingly and at times I don’t expect.

First lost tooth - in the moment captured with my phone.
First lost tooth – in the moment captured with my phone.

It’s SO important to savor it all… to relish those moments. But you know what’s equally important, if you ask me? To be able to look back and relish those moments all over again. A month from now. A year from now. Fifty years from now.

The problem is… it’s so easy for those photos to come out badly! You think you’ve taken a wonderful picture of your beautiful little girl standing by herself for the first time, but actually you’ve managed to also capture the mess in your living room and your she is lost amid it! You think you’ve snapped a stunning image of your child playing on the beach, but actually it’s just a dark silhouette against an overexposed background. You think you’ve achieved the perfect shot of your father’s birthday surprise, but you take a look and you’ve managed to capture… a dark blur.

Patiently waiting for the end of adult swim.
Patiently waiting for the end of adult swim. Captured with my phone.

If You Want to Improve Your Phone Photography

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Our super yummy peaches we bought at the farmer's market.  Captured with my phone.
Our super yummy peaches we bought at the farmer’s market. Captured with my phone.

Professional, world-renowned photographers who are experts in teaching others – even complete beginners – put in their best books and training courses. You won’t need to switch up to a more expensive camera to make full use of the bundle (even if you just use your phone for photographs), and you don’t need to neglect your family for weeks upon weeks of training! You can learn everything in little chunks – whenever you have a spare moment. And a little learning goes a long way to preserving memories in a beautiful way.

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No blurriness, no exposure nightmares, no bad angles. Just perfect, happy memories!

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