The Notebook: I’m Here

It’s been a little while since I really posted – like really posted.  I worked on other things and had a lot happen. But the result is a brand new website, new offerings in the works, and a total transition! So I am here. Working behind the scenes and of course capturing images. I do have a story or two for you and a look forward to sharing. Here’s what’s up!


When You’re Told You Have Cancer

“There’s a lump that I want you to get checked out.” She said.

What? Me? No way. Denial. Then crying, I told my husband, as every worst case scenario came to mind.

2 months later, I was officially diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I’d never heard of thyroid cancer before. My family has its share of cancers but that one never crossed our radar.

It’s been 7 months since I heard about the lump, and so far my scans after 2 surgeries and radiation therapy are clean. I thank God for that and many more things.

I am hashing out the journey I took to this point, which I thought started 9 months ago but seems to have started earlier. The writing is plentiful and I’m letting it come freely thanks to Kris with a K and her freewriting bootcamp. Soon I’ll organize my thoughts, my story and let you know. Right now, I don’t even know where to start.

The result so far is a more focused me. I took time away from everything and after reading, thinking, writing and capturing, several areas of my life came into focus as most important.

So, I’m here and in the past couple of months I’ve had time to think and plan and scratch out ideas. I’ve formulated, changed, funneled and really looked at what I want to do and what I want to give.

For this space, it’s come down to teaching and photography. I love both. They are two things that I have to do. So for here I have three offerings in the works, and many more on the back burner: a photography course that is different from most, a book, posts, and creations for here and for my email subscribers.

These are slow coming but I want to make sure they are right (the perfectionist in me). Here’s a look at each one:

girl on a swing with curls flying

The ebook

I haven’t named it yet. I haven’t even finished writing it yet. But it has an outline, an introduction, and several chapters already written. You can even read a couple of those chapters already, here (on balance), here (immerse yourself), and here (the zone).

It will be an in-depth look at how you can apply athletic principles to photography. I gathered everything I learned from running on a state championship team in high school to running for a nationally ranked D1 school to coaching a state ranked high school team and applied it all to the creative study and improvement of your photography.

I say specifically photography, but any creative could use these same principles. It’s jam-packed with ideas, exercises and thoughts on how to get the most out of your craft and art while improving and conquering hurdles and obstacles.

I plan on offering it by the end of the summer and if you think you’d be interested in getting an advanced copy for free join the email list! All I ask is that you read it and let me know what you think. Once I make the offer it will be for a really short time and to a limited number of people.

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Posts and Creations

I’ll post here once a week again with ideas, tutorials, thoughts, and creations for you. But if you join my free weekly newsletter (comes every Friday morning to your email) you do get more, including my tiny tips. Little photography tips I give each week to improve your photography or processing. I found that I learn best if I learn one thing, then apply it, rather than learning a bunch of things then trying to apply all of it at once. I’m sure many of you are the same way. So once a week I send a little tip to improve – something that doesn’t take a lot of time but has lasting impact on your photography.


Email subscribers also have access to other freebies through a password protected page. This includes my free course on how to get out of auto mode and into manual mode on your dslr, some premade albums, and other bits. I can’t wait to add more stuff too!

Other than that I’ve got two months of posts set up and am adding more! These include one on focus, 5 quick tips for phone photography, some motivational articles, a look at types of light, and a couple of creations!





The Course

I’ve created a course, and I’m looking for beta testers! I’m hoping to get this started in August for the beta group. The course includes a thorough look at light, composition and creative tools for photography. You get a weekly email with a lesson book, workbook, assignments and a private forum to share your assignments on. You can learn more and sign up to become a student here!

Week 1 Hard-Soft Light2

Working on

Product photography – the cutest bandana bibs and now some dog leashes.

Girl Bib - Still Life-16


My portfolio – you can catch a glimpse on Flickr. I have a great group of ladies I’m working with to refine and fix it.

04 Week 1 2016-2


A new session sharing site that I’ve set up just to share my photography.



This website! And still working!


A new Instagram account for here! Follow me!




The War of Art – Steven Pressfield – Get it and read it. It’s quick but you’ll probably want to reread it. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you feel like you need focus and direction in your everyday life, this will help.



Rules of Civility – Amor Towles – Fiction, and I loved it! It was different but the characters were well-developed and as the main character discovers, more complex and less on the surface than she thought. An idea for our own lives and those people we come into contact with. Think Great Gatsby.



Every Little Thing – Deidre Riggs – There was so much in this tiny book! I might have to read it again. The big exit thought though was that everything we do, no matter how tiny has meaning. So know that there is God and giving in all of what you do, including stopping to read a child a book, tending to a garden or whatever little things you may do every day.



Favorite Photos (in the past couple months ;))


2016 June Week 3-62

2016 June Week 3-67

2016 June Week 3-73


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