Living It

This girl.  


She gets at my heart everyday in many ways.

Every night she really decides to lay down the law and claim my heart with a short little sentence before she falls asleep.  Every night.


“You are the best mommy I could ever have in my whole life.”

The Notebook-12

And I melt.

It is the past few days that I really felt those words pull at my heart.  Because as my frustrations mounted with discipline, sibling rivalry, constant squealing, moodiness, loads of chores, and many other things on my to do list.  I realized I am in it to make that statement my number one priority.

The Notebook-5

I’ve snapped at her, disciplined her, and grew frustrated with every cry, with every ‘Mommy, look at me’, and with every ‘I’ve gotta go to the bathroom’ (every 45 minutes).  But with that statement in mind, I try to turn my frustration around and hug her after disciplining her, hold her while she cries, laugh at her with all her silly antics, and hold her hand while she goes potty.  Because I want to live up to that statement.

The Notebook-2

This is why I have been silent here for a couple weeks. Not only for her but also for her sister. I haven’t even posted my 365 from lately because I retouching photos has also taken a backseat.  But I’m getting there.  I’ve only been relishing a little time with both of my little girls these past spring break weeks while also relishing the spring air, blooms, and goodness we have.



I hope your days have been just as good and you are enjoying warm weather and pretty flowers.