When You Need a Little Creative, Motivational, or Inspirational Push: 10 Articles to Help

Instagram is my favorite place for motivation, inspiration, and the friends I’ve made there are encouraging. I love finding inspiration through my feed or reminders of shots I’ve taken that I want to revisit. Many of the creatives I follow write inspirational and heart warming captions, so it’s not always about the photos. I also have a couple of accountability groups that help me through times I need it. But sometimes I need a little more inspiration. More like a push to create rather than consume. Something that sends me searching for my camera. When I know I need this kind of a kick in the behind, I turn to motivational articles that I’ve socked away for those moments. They are articles that make me want to create rather than consume. They’re all in Evernote under a Notebook entitled Motivate Me. Here I’ve pulled together 10 of my favorites.


1. If You Need to Know How to Get It All Done (or at least the most important stuff)

My Secret to Getting More Done – Blacksburg Belle. She lays it on the line and takes no excuses. You can get a lot more done and here’s how she does! I turn to this one when I feel overwhelmed by my to do list or when I just don’t feel motivated to do the work.

2. If You Feel Like the Day is a Waste and Would Rather Turn On Netflix than Create

Today Is Not Over Yet – Alexandra Franzen. The perfect one to read when you have that day where nothing goes right, you’ve done little things that weren’t even on your to do list, and you’re drained. Or you’ve thrown your hands up because it seems like everything you’ve attempted that day is mush and you don’t want to keep pushing. In other words, nothing has gone right. All you want to do is turn off your brain and get comfy with a drink and a couch. Nope, it could help you feel better, but if you choose to do something instead, you’ll feel much more accomplished and happy about the day.

3. If You Need a Little Light and Positive Thoughts in Your Life

Let It Be – David DuChemin. I actually printed this one out and pinned it to my wall at the beginning of the year. It’s a wonderful reminder for all the things we encounter as creatives, entrepreneurs, and as a person who feels.

4. When You Need Confidence To Do That Thing and Own It

When You Feel Worthy of Being Seen . . . It Shows – The Middle Finger Project. I also printed this off and stuck it in my bullet journal because yes, I need this reminder probably too often.

5. When You Need Some Creative Inspiration

7 Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity – Digital Photography School. I love this one because famous creatives all inspired each point and they are all so poignant.

6. When Your Work Results Are Not Used In The Way You Expect

The Blessing of an Unwilling Gift – The Art of Simple. Sometimes the work we do doesn’t end up as we intended. Sometimes it ends up even better. I turn to this when it doesn’t seem like things are working out the way I want.

7. If You Need Creative Inspiration from Somewhere Other Than Photography

Finding Inspiration Through Classic Art – Clickin’ Moms. I have to remind myself to look at art from other time periods and genres. But when I do, it’s always amazing what I pick up on and feel inspired by. Right now, I’m loving Picasso’s blue period and feel inspired to tone my images to reflect that. Here, she explains how specific paintings inspired specific photos.

8. When You Need to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

How to Use the Art of Self Reflection to Make Better Photos – Digital Photograhy School. Push yourself with a self-critique of your best photos. Then go out and recreate or create better work. Self critique is good for that little push to be more creative.

9. If You Are Unsure About Your Own Work

Vulnerability, Photo Reviews and 5 Reasons Why You Should – Discovering Breadcrumbs. If you are unsure of your self-critiques or how your work stands up, an image or portfolio review are perfect opportunities to get feedback. I (of course I had to include one of own) explain why you should get your images reviewed and the benefits of putting yourself out there.

10. If Your Art is Your Business and You Need a Little Comfort, Humor, and Motivation

14 Drake Lyrics That Will Help You Kill It In Business and Life – By Regina. Regina takes lyrics from Drake and applies them to life and entrepreneurship. Great fun and so true! I’m sure you’ll relate to at least one.