The Notebook: September Edition

This month flew by!  I think its short, maybe too short.  Joining Leigh Kramer again!


I was hoping to have my daughter’s Anna cape done by the end of the month but not yet.  I’m constructing it based on some clothes that she had so it is taking a little longer.  I’ll share when I’m done!

I created this preschool traceable calendar for you!

I created these flower crowns for a photo shoot I wanted to do with my daughters.  They were super easy once I got the hang of it!

2014-09-18_1411075978 September4 

New Items In My Society 6 Shop!

My Society 6 products added this past month.
My Society 6 products added this past month.

The photo of the white barn was taken somewhere between Wilkesboro and Statesville as we headed back to Charlotte after visiting family.  It has a bit of meaning to me because it is a scene you can find in many places throughout western NC and reminds me of the area I love.


How to coach 4 year olds soccer. I’ve found myself coaching again but I’ve never coached such young ones or even soccer.  I’m learning as I go – luckily there is a manual!

I learned that installing a needle backwards on sewing machine will cause much frustration, more broken thread than needed, and an near trip to the repair shop.  Now I know – put the needle in with the flat part facing the back.  All fixed!!

This month – starting Oct 6 – I’m taking an Intro to Natural Light workshop over at Clickin’ Moms and I’m really excited about it.  I’ve never taken a workshop there but the reviews concede that they are so helpful in making your photography better.  Apparently it is a lot of work, but, seriously, can’t wait!


Great Articles Online

A great little read if you like taking photos, especially of your family.  Awesome tips to exude emotion in your photos are included in this short article.

I think this article entitled Unfollow Me at a Beautiful Anarchy is an awesome reminder if you promote your own work, run a blog or website, have a shop or promote yourself online especially through social media.  

I have to brag on this one because an Instagram photo of mine was featured here (I’m mkmscott)!


 My butterfly bush exploded with tons of purple blooms this month.  So pretty!




Not only am I starting to enjoy my iPhone but I’m playing with a couple of apps (besides Snapseed and VSCO – which I’ve always used) but now I’m trying out Glaze and Distressed FX.  I can spend way too much time playing with these!  Here are a couple of my plays:

photo-(3) photo-(2) 

And to add to my phone obsession, I went on Photojojo and bought myself a two-in-one lens for my phone – a wide angle and a macro!!  I’m so excited and keep pulling it out and snapping it on the phone to shoot when I get a chance.  I’ve forgotten about my dslr for a little bit :).  Here’s a taste!

photo-(1) 2014-09-28_1411867881


Finally, I’m loving the fact that I can run regularly again!

Favorite Photos This Month

September8 September3 September5 2014-09-22_1411425999 2014-09-11_1410395951 2014-09-08_1410212323 September September6

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