In my yard each year I plant bulbs and seeds. I wait and nurture those seeds with faith and hope that they will blossom into beautiful beings. To me this is expectancy, my word of the year. Expectancy means I will step out, plant seeds and nurture them even though I may not know exactly […]

Why Stifled Creative Ruts Are Worth Fulfilling Growth

I’ve written a lot lately about creative ruts but I can’t help it. I went through a pretty big one last summer and came out with a more definitive style and more confidence. Creative ruts at a minimum are stifling but some can be disastrous. For most they’re drudgery and we may not even recognize […]

Product Photography: 1 Product, 3 Styles

Lately my brother is into making beer, and he’s getting pretty good at it. My favorite so far is his brown ale and I welcome it anytime I can get it. Recently he gave me several new bottles (this time an IPA) and I decided to take on a little self challenge. I set up […]

Fear and Creativity

You don’t need fear in your life. Everyone knows that. Especially if you are a creative. But are you even aware you have fears? You may not think so.   Fear is often the underlying trigger to other problematic traits for creatives. For me, one of those is people pleasing. A trait I didn’t realize […]

The Secret To Better Photos? Train Your Eye

Everyone’s heard, you must have professional photos for everything. And they need to be brand consistent. Even if you don’t have products, you still need images that draw your followers and customers in. But I’m willing to bet you aren’t jumping out of your desk chair to set up the shoot and get that happening. […]

Find Your Style

Style is  something a lot of photographers, and maybe a lot of creatives talk about. Style is a positive thing, something to attain, something to have. At least it seems so. I don’t think it’s something to have, it’s something you are. Something you can avoid, but it’s obvious when you do.    Last week another […]

We Have To Talk About White Balance

I never wanted to ever write a post like this. I’m not a nit picky technical shooter. Everyone has their reasons for why they shot something and for how they shot it, and I like to respect that. White balance always made me nervous because it seems such a technical thing. But while researching and […]

Photography Processing for Neon Grass

It’s that time of year. Most people think nature is taking a beautiful turn. I think it is at least. Trees are budding, early flowers are starting to show, and grass is waking back up. Unfortunately for photographers we are plagued with the color of the new grass. It’s often neon and frustrating to get the […]

Conquer Your Self-Critique (Free Guide and Rubric)

Did you know you can critique yourself with an objective eye. You can determine where you need improvement and where you shine. You can decide if your own work is a great fit for that contest or portfolio. You can choose between two different versions of your photo yourself, without turning to that facebook group […]