Shooting Indoor Light: A Creativity Exercise

Since it’s winter for most of us, except you luckies who live in really warm climates or enjoying summer weather, I wanted to talk a little about shooting indoor light, both natural and artificial.   So, indoor light. It may seem like there’s not much too it, but I want you to do something this […]

The Power of Naivete and How Keeping Up Can Drag You Down

  I have a story. A story that does relate to photography and any other creative field. But for this story, I have to take you back to my track coaching days.    Every year, it never failed, I was blessed with one or two super good freshman female runners where I coached. They came […]

That 1 Click Fix . . . 7 Things You Need to Know

I’ve seen it, so you’ve probably seen it. Get this preset or action and with one click, get gorgeous photos! Maybe it’s not advertised so drastically but it’s what pops into my mind. Maybe because I thought when I purchased presets and actions that is what they would do. Maybe I’m just naive. I would […]

On Confidence

I did it. I did something I thought I wouldn’t do. In fact I shunned it and considered it not my thing. Loads of other people do it, and I didn’t understand why they did. I chose one word for the year. No. I need to rephrase that. One word chose me this year. Every […]

5 Tips for Capturing A Day in the Life: December

As I entered my last day in the life series for 2016, I started thinking how my shooting changed through the year. It’s such a great creative exercise that I encourage anyone to try it, even if only once. And I wanted to leave you with a few tips too. You don’t have to shoot […]

Holiday Photos: Set Aside the Camera and Enjoy!

Imagine a peaceful Christmas morning, sipping your coffee (or tea) and enjoying the moments. Without feeling the need to capture photos. Every year, I try to avoid my camera as we enjoy our Christmas traditions. I avoid it because I want to take part in them, not be the photographer for them. It’s been two […]

So You Had Your Work Critiqued. Now What?

You had your work critiqued. The apprehension, the nervousness, the wondering is over. You may have hated it (or if you’ve never received serious feedback on your work you may dread it) but you did it. Congratulations! Now you have in your hands a tool for improvement. Critiques and reviews are the best tools for […]

2017 Photo Calendars

It’s that time again. I love these photo calendars. They make great gifts. They’re simple to create. And after the month is over, cut off the calendar portion and you have a photo print! 5×7 Version [purchase_link id=”5292″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]   8×10 Version [purchase_link id=”5284″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]   In each download, I include […]

Day in the Life: November

The photos in this post are all a part of my day in the life series I’m completing this year. It is a personal project I started in January. I take storytelling images of one day each month. I started the project to work on my storytelling skills and I’ve learned so much more. At […]