Spring . . .

We are in a new home where we’ve discovered wonderful things about spring!  There are so many flowering trees it just makes you want to sit and stare at all the beauty.  Taking walks around the neighborhoods gives us little surprises to bring home.  But, it is a slow awakening since the trees that don’t flower are still bare and others haven’t bloomed yet – like the azaleas.  I had to share one of the trees, some of my camellias, and a few other blooms we found on our walks.  

Spring has sprung-13

Spring has sprung-11

Spring has sprung-12


Spring has sprung-1





I found a new app called LikeThat Garden is a flower identification app that lets you know what a flower/plant is when you upload its picture!  I love it because there are so many flowers I would love to know more about and with the click of one picture on my phone I can find out the name and information on the plant.

I had to try it on this plant first because the girls keep bringing me handfuls of the flowers from our backyard and asking me to put them in water. I found out it is a Giraffehead or Henbit.  Sadly, it is a weed but apparently a tolerated one because it is edible.

giraffehead or henbit

We’ve had some beautiful weather here and it has been nice to get out and stay outside for most of the day.  The girls are sleeping more as a result and getting better at riding their bikes too.  We love staying outside and have been taking lunch in our backyard too.  Along with some bubble playing.

Spring has sprung-7

Spring has sprung-5

Spring has sprung-9

Spring has sprung-8

Spring has sprung-6

Spring has sprung-2

Spring has sprung-3

Spring has sprung-4

 I hope those of you still seeing snow enjoyed a little taste of spring coming your way!