How to Extend the Canvas of a Photo

Sometimes I just can’t get the composition I want in camera. Then there are times I want a lot of negative space for words or photos for Pinterest pins. Or other times, there are distracting elements I need to cut, so I turn to Photoshop for a little work. Often when I get a composition […]

Storytelling and Emotion: A Day in the Life

The photos throughout are the result of my day in the life for September. This is a year-long project for me where once a month I capture my day. It’s not easy but I’m learning the art of storytelling. Lately I’ve considered why I love photography, and I know in my heart it’s the art. […]

10 Lightroom Tools to Make Your Workflow Speedy Fast Like Flash

I started using Lightroom and my workflow sped up. Then I made shortcuts a habit which sped it up even more (there’s a free cheatsheet if you click over). Now, I’m talking about the Lightroom tools I use that make my workflow that much more speedy. All these habits put together cut down my time […]

How I Sped Up My Lightroom Workflow

I had one of those editing sessions yesterday. You might know what I’m talking about – those that take an hour or more to only get through a handful of photos. Last night, it was my own fault – I was trying out new techniques and trying to integrate them with what I already do. […]

5 Must-Know Tips For Phone Photos You’ll Love to Share

I love looking at my feed on Instagram. Seriously love it because I follow a lot of amazing people who have gorgeous photos and feeds. Yet, when it comes to posting I’m always hesitant. Hesitant because I’m unsure of my art, my own photos, and if each photo meshes with my style so my feed […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you have a folder full of ebooks, magazines and classes on your art sitting there waiting for you to open and read? Do you spend more time than you need soaking up information and tutorials? Do you make list after list of everything you need and want to do? Then you look at that […]

Day in the Life – June

I’m back! More on that in next week’s post. I plan on regularly getting a post out once a week now and I’ve got them all lined up for the next three months. Even written several of them already 😉 Today, I’m sliding in with my Day in the Life from June. I haven’t posted […]