Day 31 – Incentive

I did it! 31 days (although a couple might have been only a little late) of writing about how to motivate yourself to run!   I joined the 31 Days challenge hosted by Myquillyn Smith at the Nesting Place and found a lot of great blogs too.  So as the last day I leave you with one […]

Day 30 – Chart It Out

If you are keeping a log but it isn’t doing too much for you in the motivation department, then consider a chart.  I am a visual person and like to see things laid out for me.  So if I want to see progress in my running or increases in mileage it is tough to look […]

Day 29 – Goals

This could be a big long post, but I’m not going to make it one today.  Maybe another day.  I only wanted to point out you have to make goals.  Little ones and big ones and in between ones.  You can make a big goal first, but what really helps is making small goals that […]

Day 28 – Week 4 – This Is It!

This is it!  One more week to making a habit of running regularly.  By the end of the week you should miss it if you don’t go for a run for a couple of days.  Your legs and body should start feeling better and your lungs more used to the work you are putting them […]

Day 27 – Test Yourself

Want the proof that all the running you’ve been doing is worth it?  Would it be more motivating to see progress directly?  There are a number of measures you can use to test yourself – distance and time are the most obvious. At the beginning of any season I always gave time trials so my runners […]

Day 26 – Are You Logging?

If you are keeping a log, awesome!!  You probably already some benefits of doing so. If you aren’t keeping a running log, now is the time to start!  It may seem menial and useless but it is exactly the opposite!  It only takes 5 minutes a day, you can do it online, your phone, tablet, computer, […]

Day 24 – Control

When it comes to running and motivating yourself to get out there and do it, there are a lot of things you can control like actually putting on running shoes or stretching to prevent injury.  Yet, there are a lot of things you can’t control like the weather or your running buddy bowing out of […]

Day 23 – The Lower Legs

When your body starts hurting, it makes it hard to get out running.  One way to keep yourself motivated to run is to take care of yourself before any pains start.  Keep yourself healthy and your body feeling good and it will be so much easier to lace up the shoes and run! 1.  Ankles/feet: […]

Day 22 – Break Time!

So, I really hope you are running regularly or at least feeling motivated to get out there!  If you have been increasing your mileage the past three weeks, reduce your mileage this week.  Give yourself a break!   It is proven that taking recovery weeks will benefit you in the long run, just like taking […]

Day 21 – Week 3 and We Are Almost There!

How’d you do this past week?  I’m running!  In fact I’m getting faster and able to go further, how about you?  The weather has been awesome here which helps.  Here are some suggestions for this week.   Beginning Runners:  2.5 miles 2 days, 1 mile 3 days, 2-3 days off non consecutive Experienced Runners:  1 […]