The Notebook: December

Happy New Year! I hope things so far this year have been wonderful for you (cause of course I’m running a couple days late here 😉 ) If you didn’t see the 15 things I loved in 2015 go check it out! Here’s what was up in December – and if anything scroll to the bottom for a big announcement!


We did a lot of Christmas prepping, took our time decorating, and enjoyed lights everywhere. We also went to a lot of festivities this year and wore ourselves out!



I put the Gracious Plenty designs up on Society 6 so you can order them as prints, iPhone cases, mugs etc! I love them.

Gracious Plenty

I made a lot of food – mostly desserts – because Christmas. 😉

I finally made a stuffed bunny for my oldest and she loves it of course. She’s waited so long.

I also made something for you too and I’m really excited about it (it’s at the end of this post!).

On the Web

Clickin’ Moms put out their top 15 photography tutorials on their blog and there are some good ones in there.

Let It Be by David DuChemin – because yes to every one, like this: “Let it be a year free not from fearful things but a year of courage and the strength lean to into it and breathe deep when it seems to be suffocating. May we all be people that give courage to others; we need courage and grace now more than ever, lest fear win in our hearts and rob us of who we are and all we can be.” Check out all the other ‘let it be’ moments too.


The Creative Fight
– I’ve joined in a group that is taking the year to go through this book, working the exercises and discussing it.

Favorite Photos







For You!

I worked throughout December writing a Free course that teaches you to get out of auto mode and start using manual mode on your camera. Free for you! But you do have to sign up for my weekly emails. No worries! I only send an email once a week and don’t give out your email to anyone, not even my mother. So, once a week you’ll get an email from me with updates, inspiration and blog posts. You’ll also get access to all my free stuff, and this 5 lesson course complete with worksheets and outlines!

If you’ve wanted to get out of Auto mode, especially because of that awful pop-up flash, then this is totally for you. I take you simply through each part of the exposure triangle, slowly introducing each part and working through how to adjust your camera to expose a photo properly, then we put it all together at the end in manual mode. And of course I’ll answer any questions you have as you work through it.

Here’s the thing – I’m working on finalizing the delivery and plan on putting it out to my select email list first within the month. I’m not going to release advertise it right away on the blog or anywhere else. Those that are on my mailing list at the end of this week will get first access to it. So go ahead and sign up if you want to get in when it’s released!

Have a fantastic January and cheers to creating great stuff in 2016!