The Notebook: November

Whoa! November flew by for me. How did it go for you? I’d love to hear!


I made these wallpapers for you, and I hope you love them. It comes from a southern saying that what we have is just enough. A beautiful thought. You can download them here.

polka dot wallpaper a gracious plenty
I also created a gratitude album template (for Photoshop) with clip art too so you could put your 30 days of gratitude photos in. It’s all free and all you have to do is sign up for the email!

Grateful for photography


Over the holiday weekend we scooted up to the mountains along with the hoards of others and snagged our very beautiful tree, along with some garland, hot chocolate and beautiful views. We didn’t go too tall even though we have the ceilings for it but we wanted it to sit in a small cut out in our living room that has lower ceilings, so we opted for a very thick tree.

I also got our Christmas cards done! Yay! I went simple this year because I didn’t feel like pulling on their tights, dresses and doing their hair while they complained, then dragging them somewhere and trying to get them to interact for a great photo. Instead we excitedly pulled on pjs (in the middle of the day! What fun!), grabbed some holly that the city cut off our tree that day (because power lines) and bounced around on the bed. Much more fun and less stressful.

November 2015-5
Writing! I’m trying to make this one of my new habits everyday. Kris with a K really helped out with her 30 days of writing challenge. Check it out if you need a little inspiration and help finding your voice (and it’s free!). Her periscopes are also always super helpful. I am not a writer, nor do I love it but it is coming easier to me now.


On the Web

Workflowy – Amazing idea! I’m seriously considering moving my bullet journal to an online format and this is it! Totally searchable, shareable etc. But then, what would I use my pretty gold washi tape and notebook for?

Unmistakable Creative episode with Sasha Martin (hosted by Srinivas Rao) – It is currently as of writing #6 on the list entitled ‘How to Experience the Entire World from Your Kitchen’ – this episode was really thought provoking and she has such inspiring and insightful stories to explain her thoughts. The intro story about her daughter’s wish to be Wonder Woman had me hooked immediately. This is the link to his podcast homepage.

From Lifehacker – Why Gratitude Makes You a Happier Person.

And this quiz – Which Era Martha Stewart Are You? – I couldn’t resist.


Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine – What a great book for any mom that wants to earn a little money or a lot. She creatively describes opportunities and how to approach them while still wrangling little ones at home. The best part is the last few chapters of the book where she delves into your big why and what making more money really means to you. Then she takes it further by pushing for service in your work. Ultimately, how you can help others and give even when you have a very limited budget.

The Nightingale – It was good and I enjoyed it but I wasn’t intrigued. Though, Kristin Hannah always moves me with emotion though.

Favorite Photos

November 2015-6

November 2015-1

November 2015-3

November 2015-2